Sana animam eius

May I take the pain? The unending agony of his soul? Make it go away so that the light can fill him? No more drab and dreary grey ether living. It really isn’t life at all. Snatch him back from the brink. My hands are sure that I want to grasp, but he drifts away like wisps of smoke…on fire in his soul. Broken down on life’s endless roads. Where’s the damn mechanic that can fix this?? Seek and you shall find, maybe something better than a whispered answer in the dark. I will hold out my hand and wait.



I am yours
You are mine
Souls link
Hearts work with a driven rhythm
We start where we end
My light in a dark place
Shadows shattered
You make my soul smile
Take my hand
We’ll walk the long walk

By Joletha Hargrave


Though I do not flitter
Though I do not flutter
I shall fly away
I’m breaking the links
The chain is too heavy
Never the bottle’s bottom
It is broken to be filled no more
My soul is waking
Gossamer wings of thought
Burden gone with new light
Neither the hummingbird
Nor the butterfly
Leap of faith
I take flight
Soul blessed.

by Joletha Hargrave

I Cannot Tell You

Wander to the moon and back again.
What have you found?
Did the meaning of life descend into your waiting mind?
Is it what you sought?
I cannot answer that question for you.
Live your life and learn it for yourself.
I cannot tell you.

by Joletha Hargrave